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Born on a small island on the West Coast of Scotland, Whispers became a gambler and con man early in his life and acquired his first set of decks when he turned 12 in an illegal back street poker game.

Whispers left high school without graduating having attended only 21 days before being expelled because of his rowdy behavior. Whispers’ father, often referred to as Stan, served with the Tobermory Fire Department as a hose carrier. His mother, known as Crazy Mary, was influential in the village and in local fish wives circles she was a great fillet’er, but also ran an illegal cattle rustling business from her home; she was arrested several times and convicted twice for this offense.

Nevertheless she always supported Whispers in his endeavors.  During the Great West Coast Whisky draught of 1988, Whispers was arrested for bootlegging and carrying on with a married woman, a criminal offense in Tobermory.  However, it was music and Laurel and Hardy was where Whispers found his passion.  He never learned to read music but was able to play every instrument by ear.  Whispers music, vibes and pulses with life from his soul, feeling all his troubles from the past he creates an electronic rugged live music that defines a sound that is completely unique which is ready to rock the dance world.

Enjoy Whispers………