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Steve City

Steve City was born on Shag Rock in the Middle of the Pacific Ocean in June 1966.  His father gave him the middle name ‘City’ after his beloved Manchester City who he has supported as a boy before moving to the Falkland Islands and then onto be a Lighthouse Keeper on Shag Rock.

It was an unusual upbringing where the inhabitants of the Island are outnumbered by sheep by ten to one.  In 1979 Steve started to make his own “Mixtapes” Overdubbing records with bits of others and then redubbing them again.  Two years later Steve City started to make music in with a local fisherman. They had a Gen 1000 and Dr Rythym drum machine.  By the time Steve hit 18 he decided that living on such a small island was not going to further forward his music career and decided to head over to Argentina.  He continued in produce electronic music and with the purchase of some 1210′s he then started to DJ.

By 1990 he had decided he wanted to return to England, the country of his father’s birth and moved to Manchester to support the team from where he got his unusual name.

His DJ career took off allowing him to play in all the major clubs across the North of England.  He began to release music under a pseudonym through a local based record label Ten Lovers Music, and provided the music and production work on 20 releases.  He had a two year residency in Amsterdam followed by a 3 month residency in Hong Kong.

This is the first production work under his real name please enjoy the talents of Steve City.

Steve Conry aka Steve City