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ROCKSTAR TALES : George Michael and the pressure of $100 million fame

George Michael’s will be 52 in June this year, so what better way of celebrating his birthday and helping him spend his 
100 million with interest could you have other than to tell a tale about the man …
found these 3 youtubes about george michael and one tells of him being interviewed outside a london hospital around 
xmas time wrapped up in an overcoat and scarf speaking about his experience of being diagnosed with pneumonia in austria
and when you see the interview you see a very thin breathless looking george michael trying to speak without breaking but 
eventually he does at the end of the interview but it gives you an idea of the pressure he feels he’s under so if you want to 
watch this video google : 
When the webpage comes up you will see at the top the above title press this and you can watch this 3 minute interview 
and if you look to your right and video selection you will find the interview with george after he was released from prison 
which is only a 1 minute 30 second interview outside his north london home titled ” george michaels first words after 
leaving prison ” , but you can see how much shock he is in of being banged up for 4 weeks in the paedo’s wing at 
pentonville prison in islington …

George michael in a newspaper interview said : ” i was given an 8 week sentence but served 4 weeks after crashing my 
car into a shop so they put me in the nonces and bullies wing so as you can imagine i never left my cell much in that 4 
weeks but i did pen 7 – 8 songs to pass the time of day and it gave me a lot of time to reflect on what was going wrong in my 
life and why i needed to stop taking drugs and drink driving , so those few songs i wrote in that 4 weeks very much reflect 
my feelings of what ineeded to do when i was released ” …   

And finally there is a radio 2 interview with george michael on the 17th july 2012 that talks about his thoughts and feelings 
about his hospitalisation in austria and what happened so if you put into google : 
Youtube george michael interview bbc radio 2 17th july And you can listen to it …
You might say why does george michael not record these songs and inspire others who have gone the same way , 
well his answer was : ” i’m no longer able to cope with the pressure of fame and commercial recording consideriing the 
” sony ” disaster when i was in my 30’s of being sued by them so i no longer wish to record commercially so anything i do 
now will be put on ” download ” on the internet and thats the only way i can still record and let my fans hear my music ” …

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