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A RONNIE WOOD TALE : paintings by a rolling stone rockstar


Well as you are a music and art fan and you like the 60’s so how would you like to look at

ronnie wood ‘s wife in a risque painting that is on show in london and being that you are a classical

kinda person so what else could a girl like you wish to look at , so if you put into google :


And you will see four paintings that ronnie has painted at the top of the webpage and if you look at the

middle of the webpage you will see a beige looking painting with ronnie’s wife sally with her arms above

her head , press the painting and you can read the writeup about ronnie’s exhibition of his paintings and

particuarly this one as he has priced it at 200 , 000 pounds …

Having met ronnie wood in richmond in surrey in london 20 years ago you can see that he is a painter and

also an antiques expert which is where i met him one day outside an antique shop in the lanes where antique

shops and art galleries are situated but i shall tell that story another day …

As you can see ronnie’s not just a pretty face …



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