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A 3 in 1 FAMOUS TALE : yuri gagarin , cassius clay and georgie best


The following story came about after a girl i know from ” the isle of skye ” wrote and told me that in the mid 1960’s she

did a mad dash to london on a 5 pound return ticket to see ” yuri gagarin ” the russian cosmonaut who was being paraded

through london and she said when she put her hand up to touch his he touched her hand and she was in space you might

say at that moment , but one of his security guards who was riding in the cavalcade and was standing beside him pushed

her hand away and said : ” comrade do not touch his hand you’re english ” so this led me to write what she should have

said in reply …

As the young scottish hippy girl stood in london and in outer space at being touched by a cosmonaut her reply to being told

” you’re english ” was this :

The scottish hippy girl replied : ” och see you’se whose are you’se calling english , i’m a ” sweaty sock ” as cockney

londoners call us ” jocks ” and i’ve gone all around the world and now i’m in outer space after touching ” yuri’s ” brass band

comrade , so you should tell ” yuri ” to say : ” beam her up scotty ” , now get outta ma way jimmy , english indeed , yuri ,

yuri kiss my hand again cos its like ” james bond 007 ” said ” its from russia with love ” , yuri , yuri darling … ” …

So on that note a young scottish hippy girl fled down the road chasing her ” russian james bond 007 ” as well as her other

dishy hero as she likes to call him namely ” georgie best superstar ” …

And whilst we are on the subject of 60’s hero’s and legends recently i met a guy who had a cup o’ rosie lee with me for

5 minutes and when i mentioned the name ” cassius clay ” he said he’d met him in ” shaftesbury avenue ” in early 1966

around the time of ” the cassius clay and henry cooper heavyweight bout fought on may 21st 1966 ” and he said he’d

got his autograph on a ten bob note and after he put it back in his sky rocket he sadly spent it …

But 2 days later due to him and a friend working near ” berwick street ” they saw ” cassius clay ” again as he came out of his

hotel and got into his limo for an interview and yes he was gutted at having spent the 10 bob note cos today that’s worth a

fortune but as ” cassius clay ” once said in how to keep your chin up – ” i float like a butterfly and sting like a bee ” …

And even though he was the smartest mouth in the world in the 1960’s and 1970’s there is a simple story that a young

dutch girl wrote and told me about when ” cassius clay ” was out smarted by an airhostess and that quote goes like this :

Cassius clay said : ” i don’t need no seatbelt cos i’m superman honey ” …

The air hostess replied : ” that might be so but superman didn’t need an aeroplane did he mr clay so please put on your

seatbelt thank you ” …

So now you can see why in the 1970’s his catchphrase was ” float like a butterfly sting like a bee ” just to see if he could

be ” superman ” for a day and a night …


For those people who are ” georgie best fans ” its a pity you were not going down ” carnaby street ” in the 60’s or

” oxford street ” after ” george best ” recorded the aftershave ad ” fore for men ” in hyde park cos in an interview with

” chris evans ” on ” TFI friday ” in the late 90’s he described what it was like filming with a hangover even though he

was 6 hours late cos filming was at 8 am and this was ” george bests explanation ” :

George best said : ” i was good at getting in at 8am but not so good at getting out at 8am , ha , ha , and when the director

finally got hold of me it was 1 pm in the afternoon and on the ol’ dog “n” bone he said : ” george darling where have you

been its a beautiful sunny day and the girls have been waiting since this morning now chop chop dear boy and get dressed

and we shall begin filming at 2 pm a car is on its way for you ol’ chap ” …

And then he added : ” after filming me and the girls coupled with an afghan hound drove down ” oxford street ” in an

open top car to the cheering waves of summertime londoners all wearing their hot pants , mini skirts , knee high boots and

stilettos and then we went to a private members club called ” tramp ” owned by my friend ” johnny gold ” where we stayed

till the small hours until the booze ran out , ha , ha ” …

So as much as ” george best ” may not have been a rockstar by trade his lifestyle was that of a rockstar considering

most of his real friends were ” the beatles , the rolling stones , rod stewart ” and related and not your straight laced

footballers …

If you want to see the advert of ” george best in hyde park ” then put into google :

Youtube fore for men george best

And when the first webpage comes up at the top above the pictures you will see the website titled :

George best 1960’s fore tv ad – youtube

And you can see a ” brahms “n” liszt ” ” georgie best ” with his 1960’s male grooming products and his birds in hot

pursuit …

Now in true ” georgie best style ” here is the famous song created by manchester city fans when they played man united :

Georgie best superstar walks like a woman and wears a bra ,

Cos he owns a boutique and a nightclub bar ,

And when he drove home drunk he did a skid ,

Leaving a policeman in the road wearing a dustbin lid …

OR to his adoring fans this one was created :

Georgie best superstar drove round a corner in his 3 . 4 jaguar ,

And pulled a bird in a nightclub bar ,

He then drove home drunk in his flashy new car ,

With a miss world cos he was georgie best superstar …

And for those who are ” georgie best ” fans if you want to see him score ” a perfect hat trick ” which is scored with your

head , left foot and right foot then this you can see on a september 1971 match when the fans are constantly shouting

” George Best , George Best , George Best , George Best ” so to see this put into google :

Youtube west ham v man united 1971

And when you get the first webpage come up press the first title under the pictures titled :

Man united v west ham 1971 / 72 division one – youtube

And you can watch the best 12 minutes of the match with ” george bests hat trick ” and if you want to hear the fans

shouting his name then when you get to 6 minutes of the video ” man united ” get a corner and then the fans start

shouting ” George Best ” before the corners taken which is not bad for a player termed ” the belfast boy ” who came

from an war torn irish council estate in the 1960’s now is it …



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