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A HOLLYWOOD TALE : filmstars who made it – well nearly …

If you are a movie goer so you must watch ” judge dredd ” now you’ve read the tale about my adventure on the film set but

in the meantime here are a few facts about other legendary films :

Sylvester stallone was originally cast as ” alex foley ” in ” beverley hills cop ” but he wanted to make the character more

bloody and the action sequences more violent but the directors and producers said : ” it will cost to much money maybe

you should stick to playing ” rambo ” so they cast ” eddie murphy ” instead who gave it humour instead of violence …

Tom selleck was originally cast as ” indiana jones ” for ” raiders of the lost ark ” but the first time he went up for it he got

stuck on his lines and declined the role saying it did not fit him , so the director tried a few other faces but then came to

” tom selleck ” again and asked him to do a second screen test which he did but the same happened again so he once again

declined the role so the directors then cast ” harrison ford ” who passed the screen test and so history is made and

” tom selleck ” when he was cast for ” magnum ” and after succesfully passing the screen test he said ” this was definitely

a role i could relate to ” and this role went onto make him a superstar in the 80’s …

Steve mcqueen was originally cast for ” butch cassidy and the sundance kid ” but when he found out that ” paul newman ”

was to play ” butch cassidy ” he declined the role saying : ” there is no way that i will ever play a role sharing the lead with

” paul newman ” , so the role as ” the sundance kid ” went to ” robert redford ” …

Russell crowe was originally cast for ” the x men ” but when he demanded more money than the film makers were

prepared to pay he was told he would be best to get a screen test somewhere else so after many actors were cast as

” wolverine ” the directors and producers settled on ” hugh jackman ” who passed the screen test as ” wolverine ” which

in an interview he said : ” i was glad that russell crowe was greedy for more money cos this role was exactly what i was

looking for and needed ” …

The film ” saturday night fever ” had less problems with their stars and even allowed ” john travolta’s ” mum and sister a

cameo role in the opening scenes …

His sister ” ann travolta ” played the pizza girl in the takeaway shop that ” tony manero / john travolta ” uses on the way

back to the paint store with a can of paint for ” a special customer ” and when he gets back to the shop his mum is

” the special customer ” he has to flatter in order for her to accept the can of paint that he has gone all over town for which

meant he got back to the shop late but his mum ” helen ” got ” the manero / travolta ” flattery which saved the day and got

him a pay rise …

The actress ” donna pescow ” who played ” annette ” who tried dating ” tony manero ” and wanted to be his dance partner

in the beginning of the film was considered to pretty for the role of ” annette ” who is quite sluttish in her attitude with the

lads so she had to gain 40 pounds in weight and then start speaking in her ” native brooklyn accent ” and chew gum all the

time and due to her being at ” the american academy of art ” she was able to be versatile in her acting ability which meant

as soon as filming was over she dropped her native accent and the 40 pounds and she was able to make herself pretty once

again …

In the film when ” tony manero ” is in his bedroom you see a ” rocky ” poster from ” sylvester stallone’s ” newly made film

about the boxer ” rocky balboa ” and who should be directing the second film in the ” tony manero ” legacy none other than

the poster himself ” sylvester stallone ” who has a cameo role in the opening sketches of bumping into ” tony manero ” in a

crowded street scene and then looking over his fur coat clad shoulder as ” tony manero ” looks to see who bumped him …

And of course being as ” sly ” is directing the sequal called ” staying alive ” who should be starring in a cameo role as

well his brother ” frank stallone ” who plays a guitarist and singer who dates the blonde dancer and club singer who

” tony manero ” has also been dating but he does not look very happy when he sees ” tony manero ” talking to her one

evening when they are gigging at a club …

The actual cost of making ” saturday night fever ” was 3 and a half million dollars and it went onto gross worldwide after

its release in december 1977 237 million dollars which like ” sylvester stallone’s ” film ” rocky ” that made it one of the

highest grossing films of the 1970’s …

And thats a rap as they say in hollywood …


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