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A ROLLING STONES TALE : keith richards overdue library book

Well I finally got my email back again and now they want to do another security check in 30 days but anyway there was

a newspaper article about keith richards a while ago about a 50 year unpaid library fine so if you want to read this tale

check out this google …

The keith richards of the rolling stones library story can be found on this website so if you put into google :

Keith richards overdue library book

And when the first webpage comes up press the top one or the second one or anyone of the many sites headlining this

unreal experience for a rock star and yeah you are right the first one is a daily mirror interview , ha , ha …

And if you want to watch the ” duff mckagan of guns “n” roses ” interview about him being diagnosed with pancreatitis

then put into google :

Youtube duff mckagan interviews

And if you look beneath the 4 videos you see on the first webpage press the heading titled :

Duff mckagan interview part 1 / 3 – youtube

Once you press this the video will play and if you look on the video selection to the right you will see parts 2 and 3

which make for interesting viewing so enjoy watching duff and the lads on tour …


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