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AN ELVIS PRESLEY TALE : elvis is alive priscilla said so on oprah winfrey

I know what you are going to say to the above title ” yeah , yeah , yeah how many more times are we gonna hear this

statement ” well i can confirm this will be the last cos the youtube i’m going to include in this mail confirms that

elvis is alive living in gracelands and that came from priscilla herself on ” the oprah winfrey show ” nearly ten years ago

so your suspicions can now be satisfied with priscilla saying : ” that’s exactly what elvis said the other day ” and that’s

with ” lisa marie presley ” sitting beside her with ” oprah winfrey ” on the sofa …

Now obviously a lot of people say a lot of things just for attention , to shock or to make a few bucks but in priscilla’s case

what would she have to gain from saying that so the only other angle that you could look at priscilla’s slip of the tongue

is she would say : ” well what i meant was i talk to elvis all the time especially when i’m at gracelands so its just a figure of

speech so when i said to oprah winfrey children who come from poor backgrounds usually give their children everything

due to them not having the luxuries as a child and when i said ” it’s exactly what elvis said the other day ” i meant

that’s what me and elvis used to talk about and that’s what he said the other day is how I still talk to him as if he was still

here if you buy all this justification ” …

So as we know what priscilla would say as above have a listen to this youtube cos that statement just confirms why people

in memphis said : ” he still drives his pink caddy at night around the streets if you are up late enough to see him and his

bodyguard ” …

When you watch the youtube and hear priscilla say the classic line of : ” that’s exactly what he said the other day ” she

looks over her shoulder cos someone corrects her pronunciation of ” poor ” from ” poe ” and then she starts laughing but

no one questions what she says but its the way she says it that makes it seem so real …

So if you want to watch this youtube then put into google :


You will see on the first webpage 3 videos press the first one which is a 1 minute long and the classic statement is said at

30 seconds of the interview with a picture of ” elvis and lisa marie ” playing before priscilla says the classic line …

And in the words of ” elvis ” in 1968 ” we can’t go on forever with these suspicious minds ” …


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