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A PRIME MINISTERS TALE : happenings in camerons house

Well the above title is ” not lets go to camerons and party ” this is more lets ” look through the keyhole as lloyd grossman ”

once said and what do we find a prime minister sitting in a plush house in oxfordshire without the elecy …

I know shocking isn’t it even a man who has downing street as his daily gaff has run out of bunce and needs to charge his

key meter OR did life catch up with cameron in the end …

Cos the story is recently cameron was at home on a saturday afternoon watching ” the sound of music ” and guess what he

gets to the last 30 minutes and the elecy runs out and he sits in poverty and misery for 90 minutes before some poor

geezer from oxfordshire electricity board has to come out in his waterproofs and waders to try and get the elecy working in

a flood area …

So cameron on his tour of englands worse hit places like somerset etc when asked about the floods and what he was going to

do he replied : ” its shocking and sad people have lost so much their homes , belongings and their life really , but i

do sympathize with them , only last saturday my place was in darkness for 90 minutes and i missed the last 30 minutes of

my favourite musical so i do understand how they feel ” …

Yes a man of great feeling and understanding speaking from his castle which sits above the flood plains of somerset and the

south west of england …

AND then to top it all there was another tale about cameron channel surfing at the weekend cos he can’t seem to find out

of all the hundreds of channels on his satellite a suitable programme to suit his tastes …

So he said : ” to get away from the pressure of the week at the weekend i sit and watch tv with my wife but i don’t seem to

be able to concentrate on one programme so i channel surf and drive my wife potty , so in the end she has to leave the

lounge and go in another room so she doesn’t go ballistic at me as i sit and laugh as i flick from one channel to another ,

i call it a stress reliever and a way of escaping from work and people ” …

So there you are the news at 4 . 21 pm and if you are a prime minister this is the job criteria for all you will ever need to rule

a country , a ” sound of music video and a remote control gadget ” and the ability to understand what people have lost in a

flood and a whirlwind …

And they all drowned unhappily ever after …


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