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Well this mail will make you curious if you are scottish or american and obviously if you have watched any ” harry potter ”

films , so a few years ago after having been to this little cottage in the village of huntly that’s north and west of aberdeen and

being told it was ” jk rowling’s ” i was curious to find out if it was and then recently i told a young girl whose parents live

in huntly as well as her getting called a ” a hobbit ” which i retaliated against with ” no you tell them paris said you look

like a pixie not a hobbit ” , so after telling her of this phenomenon i wanted to make sure i got my facts straight and this

story came into play as you shall read …

In the meantime THE JK ROWLING SAGA of did she or did she not live in huntly has been revealed with a bit of

detective work so sit comfortably and i shall begin …

Remember i said the house that she lived in as a child backs onto a wood before you get into huntly village and

the square well it turns out that JK’s father in law was the village vet so when i was told that she lived there i think

the person meant her father in law the vet lived there …

But should you ever go to perthshire then you can go to JK’s house called ” killiechassie house ” on the banks of

the river tay near aberfeldy in perth and kinross where she got married to her scottish doctor boyfriend in 2001 and

amongst the guests that attended were the grooms parents ” ernest and barbara murray from huntly aberdeenshire ”

so should you go to the house in huntly then just know its her in laws house and not hers …

So should you want to go and find this house or cottage from memory if you are heading out of huntly square or village

on the bus route for aberdeen the cottage is on the left , its green from what i remember and there is a driveway

or trackway beside the cottage and that runs up the side of the garden and leads into the forest behind the cottage so

that’s the directions …

And for those of you who like working with animals maybe you could always knock on JK’s in laws door in huntly and

ask them for a job …


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