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A BEEKEEPERS TALE : the importance of an ancient beekeeper

Well here is the longawaited epic about why ” a beekeeper ” was a very important person in days gone by due to their ability

to liase with nature and the animals and insects and if monika’s mum has any artistic ability or is a creative person so it

shows how attuned she is to the more subtle aspects of life and nature as you will read …


The beekeeper like anyone who deals with animals , insects , birds , plants , flowers and anything which is non human has a

very special rapport with nature and obviously those who lived in the outdoors hundreds and thousands ago were much

closer to nature than people are today , hence why in the 1950’s the hollywood film called ” tarzan ” was created with the

romanian / american athlete ” johnny weissmuller ” as the main actor and he was portrayed as a man who was brought up by

the african tribes and the animals namely ” the monkeys and the apes ” and this explained why he had his faithful

companion ” cheetah ” with him whenever he was swinging through the trees which was taught to him by the apes and the

tribes as a means of living in harmony and using all that surrounded him …

It probably sounds far fetched to modern minds but there are those rare few who have that rapport with nature , the animals

and insects as my ” shaman document ” mentions in brief about how ” the native american shaman ” was able to use the

insects , animals and plants as a means of communicating and as a way of seeing the enemy through understanding natures

way of talking to him or her in those desperate moments when human logic is of no use as i well know after having lived in

forests and seen how wild animals will eat from your hands once they get used to you being within their territory …

In the case of ” a beekeeper ” thousands of years ago honey was the food of the pharaohs , emperors and empresses ,

kings and queens and ” the egyptian dynasties , the greeks and the romans ” are well known for their love of

honey and everything natural which is why britain still feels the effects of ” the roman empire ” through its roads ,

introduction of hot water and early central heating devices through to their healing methods of a hangover of putting

” amethyst ” in their wine barrels through to using honey and milk in their main food diet which reflects in the story of

” cleopatra and mark antony ” bathing in milk in her palace of gold and jewels …

The ancient beekeeper was a revered member of the community due to his or her ability to be the only one who could

retrieve the honeycomb from the hive something which if anyone else had tried then they would have been stung to

death , so the pharaohs , emperors and empresses , kings and queens would always have their own beekeeper who was put

on a pedestal by any monarch or aristocratic family due to their amazing ability of going amongst ” the aromatic beauty of

natures most precious source of medicine ” , but the leaders of those dynasties would also use the beehives as a means of

torture to the pagan slaves or spies they would capture and then the hives and bees were known as ” the creatures of death ”

due to their venomous sting if it came in droves or swarms when slaves , traitors and spies were sent into the hive to

retrieve the honeycomb …

The beekeeper was seen as the ” medicine man or woman ” in the dynasty period of ” the egyptians , greeks and romans ”

due to them being the one who could bring ” the healing medicine of the gods and goddesses ” as the honeycomb was

termed to the table of their master or leader and there are many tales that tell of how ” julius caesar ” and his generals would

eat honey , and drink milk and wine as their main staple diet which goes to show why ” the beekeeper ” was one of the more

revered trades people of the tribe clan or empire …

When you look at this concept of ” the beekeeper ” being a revered member of a tribe then you can see why ” honey ” has

always been seen as a food that you look at in awe due to its healing propensity as well as its consistency of being made by

bees or a flying insect which has collected ” the nectar or pollen ” from a plant and a flower and flown it back to its hive and

over time this has created ” honeycomb ” which then by mans hands has been created into ” set honey or clear runny honey

which is an ancient and modern miracle as to how something so small has created something so beautiful in taste and texture

that has given man a natural medicine which competes against his GP fanaticism of prescribed drugs etc …

Where mans drugs destroy ” the immune system ” and the body through their dangerous content in a small pill or tablet

nature has given man a cure in a very simple form namely ” the bumble bee ” and its ability to collect enough nectar from

flowers and plants which when made into honey in an edible form it gives the body a natural healing ability to correct what

medication has damaged as well as providing him with a source of food that regenerates ” the body’s immune system ”

compared to mans food that slowly destroys him and his immune system …

So to round up this tale ” the beekeeper ” may have been a very simple person to those looking from the outside but when

you look at their job and position of collecting ” the medicine of the gods and goddesses ” you would have to look at

someone who could talk to the animals , birds , insects , plants and flowers in their full potential as a natural person because

it was only this type of person that the above would trust near their hives , nests , lairs or within their forest and wood …

For those who had no ability or interest in communicating or living in harmony with the animals or gods of the forest and

the elements then they would be in a dangerous position from wild animals and creatures and ” the lords of the forests ”

and this is something i have seen from my own experience of living within nature and the forests of how protective

animals and the forests can be as long as you live in harmony and understand the vibes of all that is around you which

” the beekeeper ” had in large abundance otherwise the bees would never allow anyone near their hive , so it wasn’t just the

honey that was magical and healing but it was also the one who collected the honey that began that natural trip for man to

see …

Al said : ” wow fascinating and just one thing being that you have lived in forests and obviously had animals eating

from your hand did you do what ” tarzan ” did and wear a leather leopard skin or should we say a posing pouch today and

beat on your chest when you wanted to make a phone call cos your mobile phone top up ran out , ha , ha ” …


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