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I was reading a couple of articles in the trusty daily mirror and who should i find and see 2 hero’s from the 1960’s

and 70’s so if you’d care to sit comfortably then i shall tell you these 2 tales …

On the boxing and film level ” the greatest cassius clay ” was in the mirror the other day with talk about him being

badly ill and on the verge of death due to him missing the premiere of his latest film ” I AM ALI ” but in true

” cassius clay ” style he posted a selfie and then posted on his twitter page with its 120 , 000 fans a message saying

” don’t believe the hype ” , so ” the greatest ” spoke once again and lives to fight another day …

Another superstar who was in the papers last week was ” pele ” the brazilian footballer who met the legend and icon

” georgie best superstar ” many times in his career when both of them played soccer in america in the 1970’s …

And the reason why he was in the papers was because he was admitted to hospital with ” a urinatry tract infection ” and

the removal of some ” kidney stones ” but according to his aides he’s fighting fit and eating well so another legend lives

on so don’t feel so bad about having kidney stones if you ever get them painful as they are cos it happens to even the

greatest …

But check out the ALI film on youtube or in the cinema if you can …


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