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The Cable King

Now everyone remembers those special days,
When looking through your past,
Its always things that you don’t expect,
That makes your life a blast.

Its not possessions that stay with you,
But memories that you hold dear,
These come from special people,
Who change your life’s career.

I was the third proclaimer,
A music man in town,
Then I met the Cable King,
But he did’nae wear a crown.

He said to me I like your style,
But the silly hat needs to go,
You give me 5 years of your life,
And I’ll show you how to grow.

See talent is in everyone,
He used to say to me,
It’s belief in their own ability,
My job’s to make them see.

Just learn the cable components,
That’s just my cup of tea,
All you need is an outer sheath,
And a copper conductor at 33KV.

So when I got to know him,
He was building up a new terrain,
Noskab days were over,
Ready to mentor once again.

He pushed you to your limits,
Testing your resolve he said to me,
Emails in CAPITAL letters,
Makes them work like busy bees.

His management style was different,
Won’t find it any Uni books,
Breaks you down and picks you up,
While giving you the Alex Ferguson..special look.

He grew up as a Barnados boy,
A young sparkie was his trade,
He loved sporting competition,
Football, golf and snooker he all played.

But for all his success in business,
His family was the number one priority,
Chris and Vicky his pride and joy,
And his special wee rascal Amelie.

He was the boss at work he said,
But the boss at home was Auds,
She is his soul mate and his rock,
His gift sent from the gods.

See this isn’t his life story,
Just why MK was special to me,
I’m going to miss him forever,
The world will never be the same.. Don’t you see.

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