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Scottish Democracy will Prevail

So with just one day to go until the referendum it has certainly been the most talked about political debate of our generation.

I think the referendum was agreed by Cameron and his Tory party as they had the arrogance that people from Scotland shouldn’t be offered Devo Max on the ballot paper. If only they could turn back time.

From a strategy perspective, the fact that Scotland got to use the word ‘yes’ for Independence rather than ‘no’ to staying part of the Union was also a big own goal. Not even all the might of the media have managed to turn that into a positive phrase. You can’t discuss the positives of no, and the no campaign has focused only on negatives.

The way I look at it one side is campaigning for a glass half full and the other side is campaigning for glass half empty.

The BBC have really tarnished their reputation, especially Nick Robinson, losing Scotland has a negative impact on their bottom line plus it is basically funded from the government and tax payers. So as always with any major political events certain parties are interested in their own agenda.

With the world watching it is Social Media which has played a big part in stopping the 100% influence of the media. It has taken politics back to grass root level where what we see on the news has someone else with their iPhone filming what really is going on. Before you know it, it’s on Facebook and circulated across other networks.

No matter the outcome this is one great positive which has taken democracy and politics back in the hands of the voter and not the establishment.

A good friend of mine said ‘when was the last time we had a UK government to be proud of?’.

It’s a question that we all have to think about, and not just in Scotland but in Wales, England and Northern Ireland.

If we vote ‘no’ tomorrow then it will be much of the same, except the last minute promises by Cameron, Milliband and Clegg will fail to materialise. As if I lived in another part of the UK I wouldn’t be happy if Scotland is the only country with the Barnet Formulae. Plus it begs the question that why do they even offer that, could it be because we are a wealthy country with a small population with all these natural resources, funding an overpopulated country with very little. You decide on that one.

See the reason why Scotland wants independence is we want to have a government in Scotland, run by Scottish people and if mistakes are made then we can relate to the people who have made them.

With over 70% of Tory MPs being millionaires, not one MP in Scotland and when I see David Cameron on the TV I realise the majority of Scottish people have nothing in common with this person. He doesn’t care about the individual Scot or why did he not arrive earlier. It was the realisation that his Legacy as the Prime Minister is the one that saw the break up of the Union which has got him rattled.

Yes there is fear of the unknown, Yes things will change, but to me that is a good thing, a positive thing. The current UK government are wedging a bigger divide between rich and poor, once we go down the route of paying for healthcare and paying for education then it will only get worse. If it costs me a little more in tax to stop this happening then it’s something I’m prepared to pay.

The cheek of Gordon Brown last night, the worst chancellor in modern day history (closely followed by Darling) to reel off all the positives of the Labour Party when under his watch he did the opposite was just bare face lying and the opposite to the values of his party. I guarantee if you ask anyone in England if they want a Scot back in charge I doubt there will be many votes.

It’s time we trust Scottish people to look out for the interests of Scotland rather than Westminster, who have their own agenda.

Ask yourself the question ‘Do you want Scotland to be an independent flourishing nation governed by our own people, or are you happy that we are part of the Union governed by people 500 miles away?’

So whatever the outcome tomorrow at least we are a country where we all get a vote, and that is democracy so make your vote count.

Don’t vote out of fear tomorrow as you will always regret it. You should never do that.

Be happy with your choice and in the end democracy will prevail.


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