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$1.5 Billion Invested in Africa by U.S. NGOs Last Year

$4 Billion More Investment Anticipated Over the Next Three Years
WASHINGTON, Aug. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — President Barack Obama announced today that the U.S. NGO community invested over $1.5 billion in Africa last year. This is part of efforts to help empower communities to lift themselves out of poverty. An additional $4 billion is anticipated over the next three years. This funding is from individuals, foundations and corporations, passing through NGOs.

“Ultimately, Africa’s prosperity depends on Africa’s greatest resource—it’s people,” Obama said. “I also want to note that the American people are renewing their commitment to Africa. Today InterAction, the leading alliance of American NGOs, is announcing that over the next three years its members will invest over $4 billion.”

“Civil society and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) play a huge role in improving the quality of life in key areas that Africans define as critical for the future of the continent,” said Samuel A. Worthington, president and CEO of InterAction, the largest alliance of U.S.-based non-governmental international organizations. “They do this through partnering with local civil society organizations and African governments and businesses, strengthening the local in-country capacity of community organizations.”

The funding from InterAction members supports programs like strengthening capacity for communities and health clinics to help with child survival and the introduction of vaccines; engagement with universities and other thought centers; and complimenting ministries’ roles through helping African community-based organizations and other institutions reach up to their own governments or markets. Millions of Africans have been impacted, as indicated by massive decreases in mortality, improvement in maternal and child wellbeing and massive dissemination of drugs for HIV/AIDS.

InterAction has a map detailing who is investing in what, where to improve transparency and accountability of development aid. InterAction members work in every country in Africa and are increasing the transparency of their donations by mapping their projects on InterAction’s NGO Aid Map.

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InterAction is the largest alliance of U.S.-based nongovernmental international organizations, with more than 190 members. Our members operate in every developing country, working with local communities to overcome poverty and suffering by helping to improve their quality of life. To learn more visit our website. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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