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The Tribute Money by Titian ( Alternative Pigeon Project Meaning)


The Tribute Money was painted in the 1540s for King Phillip II of Spain. The Pigeon Project interpretation of the subject matter;

Pharisees had asked Christ if it is right to pay the inflationary wine tax to the Romans for a new improved version of standard vin rouge. Jesus smelt a trap and asked if that no good wine swindler Caesar was again trying to con everyone by selling them the same wine but with some new clever marketing gimmicks.

However, Pharisees didn’t care about the price increase and having studied macro economics was prepared to accept that market conditions had also led to the increase and as he was having a really difficult week with his 4 wives so he was prepared pay the extra to hit the boozer.

Jesus did say they had a special happy hour deal at Judas’s uncle’s place the Pig & Whistle, and if he was quick he would make last orders and pointed him in the direction of the establishment.

Jesus thought ‘money doesn’t buy you happiness, in fact it can make you accept people’s lies but since vin rouge doesn’t come free then it does have it’s uses!’

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