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Art-inspired Bingo Games

Linking artists together in a fun game of bingo

If Pablo Picasso and Michelangelo were alive today, they’d probably enjoy a game of modified bingo that is being offered in modern museums. Bingo is such a flexible game that many art enthusiasts are tweaking it for the events that they’re holding. If one is trying to hold an art-inspired event that involves raffle prizes or simply trying to think of a way to break the ice with fellow enthusiasts, check out these modified versions of the traditional game of bingo to spark the imagination.

Artwork Matching Bingo
The Washington Project for the Arts has a unique idea on how they hold their bingo nights. In an effort to bring art and bingo together, they made an event that would forever spice-up their regular gatherings. Usually, a game of bingo only requires players to listen attentively to the numbers being called out. However, in Artwork Matching, an art enthusiast’s skill in contemporary art and art history will be tested. Instead of daubing numbers, players must match the pictures of paintings like the Ginevra de’ Benci or Judgment of Paris to the names of their creators. For example, when the caller shows a picture of the Mona Lisa, players must dab the name of Leonardo da Vinci on their cards.

Art Riddle Bingo
Instead of writing numbers on the bingo cards, name of tools or objects related to art such as canvas and pottery are jotted down.  In this game, players must match the name of the art tools or objects to the riddle that the bingo caller will read.  For example, the caller may read something like, “This is a heavy-duty fabric that’s not only used as a material for making tents and sails but is also used as a tool where artists put their imagination on.”  In this case, the answer is canvas.

These modified games follow the 90-ball bingo rule pattern at where players must complete one, two, or three sets of horizontal lines to win. A bingo cover all pattern may also be used for these games but it usually takes a long time to finish. There may also not be enough artworks or art objects to put on the cards especially if the games are going to be played by hundreds of people.

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