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Saving the Planet through Art

Wild about Art is a fresh new company with large goals in helping the planet through inspirational images of wildlife and landscape photography. There next aim is to have local shop fronts in the UK.

Wild about Art is a fairly new company. It was launched in November 2012. They sell photographic gifts and a monthly magazine. With 10% of there sales going to wildlife and environmental causes.

Wild about Arts aim is to inspire the public into caring for the planet with unedited images of wildlife and landscape photography. The only corrections to the images is lighting. This is to show a true image if what the photographer was seeing. There aim is to inspire people into caring with the truth and not highly edited picture showing a beautiful but false representation of what they were seeing.

Currently Wild about Art sell the following gifts with 10% of sales going to good causes such as WWF and The national Trust;

-Original Framed Prints


-Greeting cards


Wild about Art also sell a monthly magazine which showcases photographers from all over the world. The magazine also has informative articles on wildlife and environmental issues. The magazine is both inspirational and informative with articles on things people wouldn’t expect such as a bee can communicate with a flower through electric pulses which can be read in magazine issue 1.

Currently Wild about Art is a online web store , but is looking into expanding into local shop fronts in the UK. With the aim of reaching more people to inspire into caring for our planet.

Quote from the CEO Emma Fulford

“Wild about Art was formed with the hope of saving the planet through art in a photographic form. The dream is to show people how beautiful it really is around us and how fragile it can be. Teaching people to care for it and how a little action will go a long way. We hope that people will learn a lot through Wild about Arts magazines articles and support our aims by buying gifts with our online shop. Every gift the public buys is a step into helping the planet with money going to charities which help the planet. Our planet hasn’t got a voice to tell us how wonderful it really is, so lets show it with beautiful images of what it has to offer.”

Wild about Art
8 Kilton Court
Howdale Road


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