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The social network for creatives by creatives

The Creative Finder is a site from the creators of popular daily creativity and innovation news site, Around since 2009, the site dubs itself as a global search engine for creatives, aiming to connect people for business, networking or just collaboration. Creator Alex Goh just launched a new edition of the site, which not only integrates with existing social networks like Tumblr and Pinterest – where many creatives choose to host imagery outside of the standard Facebook and Twitter spaces – it also offers a way for users dubbed “finders” to locate creative types for commission-based work. If Facebook is a space to display the finished product in front of a willing audience, then the Creative Finder is a network for discovering the people who will help you make that product.

I mostly use Facebook to network with writers, artists and people in the arts, so I curated my profile on The Creative Finder with the same imagery. In this updated version of the site, a search for “kittens” brings up both profiles and images containing that keyword.

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  1. Nanlove says:

    long or short, doesn’t matter. found lots of love poems but none about being in love with a foreigner.

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