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Losing the War on Drugs

The Global Commission on Drug Policy released a statement that condemned the ongoing “war on drugs” as hugely ineffective and wasteful.

Comprising of prominent individuals such as the former presidents of Mexico, Brazil and the United Nations along with former United States officials of the Federal Reserve and the State, the Commission has determined that drug policies of numerous governments worldwide should be reconsidered scientifically and economically rather than politically.

Showing Mexico and other countries full of violent drug cartels and criminal organizations as examples, the Commission believes that the money spent on capturing low-level drug dealers and enforcing drug laws (particularly laws against cannabis) should be allocated to drug education and programs that would help the general populace deviate from addiction and health issues.

Showing countries such as Holland as examples of how much benefit one would be able to get under more carefully thought out drug laws, the Global Commission on Drug Policy is considering the possibility of legalizing cannabis and other substances in an attempt to “experiment” with drug laws and bring about more stability.

Furthermore the Commission has compared the harmful effects of alcohol and socially accepted substances (cigarettes and other tobacco products) to the less, though disputed, harmful effects of smoking marijuana or using other substances that are deemed “dangerous”.

War on Drugs

Although the call for the “war on drugs” to end, current drug policies to be restructured and possible future options are considered by the Global Commission on Drug Policy, it is highly doubtful that certain nations such as the United States, which has spearheaded the war on drugs since President Nixon’s administration, will adopt the more liberal measures concerning ‘unharmful’ drugs.

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